Federflug — Calligraphy & Design by Stefanie Weigele

Welcome! My name is Stefanie Weigele – I am a designer, calligrapher and author. My main focus is pointed pen calligraphy, which I practice and teach intensively. I work on a wide variety of projects for my clients, but I also support agencies and companies in the realization of their design ideas. Calligraphy is a powerful art form which helps to achieve a personal and unique look. Furthermore, I offer event calligraphy.

Event Calligraphy

Calligraphy at the POS or on stage? Accompanying events with calligraphy is always something special.

My Book

In November 2019, my comprehensive book on pointed pen calligraphy was published by Hermann Schmidt Verlag (in German)!

Learn Calligraphy

Find out more about my workshops on pointed pen calligraphy, handwriting and flourishing!

Stamp seals …

… are a charming method to incorporate calligraphic elements to a festive occasion.

Calligraphic Originals

Love letter, certificate or place card – if it’s handwritten, you show special appreciation for the recipient!

Handwriting on TV

In 2019, I participated in a film for the French-German TV station »Arte« on the topic of handwriting.