FAQ – Questions and Answers

How to order calligraphy or design from you? And what do I expect in terms of cost?

You would like to work with me? I look forward to your to discuss your project! We can also schedule a call via telephone or a video chat. Only when I know more about your ideas and the scope of your project, I can give you a rough cost estimate and then a binding offer.

Do you ship worldwide?

I do! Please keep in mind that I am based in Germany and shipping to the USA or other non-EU countries can not only take some time, but customs tax procedures may also delay the delivery of your order. So please make sure to contact me with enough room in your schedule! Of course you can chose Express delivery if you wish to speed up the process.

How can I learn calligraphy?

Calligraphy is not that difficult to learn! Aside from books, there is now so much information online. However, separating the wheat from the chaff can be a challenge. You can get some general information on my Resources page, under Workshops you’ll find information on pointed pen calligraphy styles, my past and current classes, and also my book offers extensive material to learn pointed pen calligraphy on your own (at the moment only in German though …).

Do you offer on-site calligraphy at events?

Absolutely! This can be a commercial promotion or a cultural event - you can find more about this at Event Calligraphy. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via if you’d like to book me for an event.

Do you also calligraph on existing stationery?

Very gladly – I write even on more unusual materials such as leather, wood or stone! It is important here that you contact me as early as possible, firstly to ensure that I have free capacities and secondly, so I’ll be able to clarify in advance how the corresponding material behaves technically and if I can write on it at all.

Do you offer graphic design and handle printing processes?

If you wish, I will accompany your entire project from the first pencil sketch to the finished printed product. If you only need a print-ready PDF, e.g. to have your invitations produced yourself, in most cases this is also no problem. The design costs are the same, but there are no costs for print processing.

What are the script styles you offer?

I generally offer all the calligraphic styles you can find on my website and social media pages! These are mainly pointed pen scripts like Copperplate or Spencerian, but also monolinear styles that I write with fountain pen, fineliner or similar. My styles are constantly evolving and I also like to experiment. If you’re unsure about what style of script would best suit you, your project, or your brand, I’m happy to consult with you and make suggestions.

What exactly is pointed pen calligraphy anyway?

A good question! Simply put, when writing with a pointed nib, the line width contrasts are created by pressure on the nib, because the tines are spreading. A broad nib, on the other hand, produces a stroke of varying width depending on the angle of the nib, while a monolinear writing tool (like a fountain pen) produces a line of consistent thickness (I should add another drawing here). See Learn Calligraphy for lots more information on Copperplate calligraphy & Co.!

Turnaround for calligraphy

I can write place cards, gift tags and envelopes usually within a week after I received your list and stationery. Please ensure that I have time! If you need more than 100 pieces please note that delivery time will need two weeks at least.

Do you only do analogue originals, or also digital designs?

My calligraphy and also sketches for typographic designs are created quite traditionally with analogue techniques, usually with simple pencil sketches. For the implementation I’ll use, depending on the style, pen, ink, brush or artist colors ... in preparation for printing finally I digitize and edit the designs on the computer.

What nibs do you use?

I can’t give a blanket answer to that - some nibs are suitable for particularly smooth or rough paper, for stronger or lighter lines ... You’ll find lots of advice on suitable materials on my resources page if you want to learn calligraphy, and there’s also a detailed chapter on the subject in my book.

What is the turnaround for design work?

For a menu, address stamp or other smaller design jobs turnaround is one to three weeks depending on my workload. For a more complex design like a complete stationery set or a wedding suite please expect at least three to six weeks after I received the final wording.
If you want me also to handle the printing process, please expect one to three months from the first conversation until your prints are ready. There are two revision included and according to my experience you‘ll need some time to discuss a design with your dears or to contemplate possible changes. Depending on the printing technique the printer also will need one to several weeks: flat printing is usually ready within a week, more elaborate finishing effects like metallic inks, hot foil stamping etc. will take more time.