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In Short

My name is Stefanie Weigele, I am a calligrapher, graphic designer and author in Potsdam (close to Berlin, Germany) and have been working in the creative industry for over 20 years.

I grew up in Stuttgart and studied graphic design at the Univerity of Arts Bremen in the 1990s. After my diploma (in which handlettering played a major role, by the way) I worked in Bremen and since 2001 in Berlin as an art director and illustrator. I published regularly in the newspaper taz and various magazines, and realized free projects with hand screen printing together with other illustrators. Based on this work, I increasingly engaged in calligraphy and constantly educated myself.

Today I am one of the few calligraphers specializing in classic pointed pen calligraphy in Germany. I write and design for clients such as Brigitte, Lacoste, C&A, Salon Magazine, UNESCO or Ted Baker London. In 2019, I was a speaker at the Berlin Letters Festival, where I also teached a Workshop on flourishing. I participated in a TV feature for Arte on the topic of »The Value of Handwriting«, give numerous calligraphy workshops and am the author of an extensive 240 pages book about pointed pen calligraphy.

Find out more about me and my work here! In my FAQ I answer frequently asked questions. You’d like to work with me? I’m looking forward to your !

Feedback from Clients

We're delighted! The most beautiful page in the magazine! — Salon Magazin

I selected Stefanie to do the calligraphy for my wedding day because I loved her polished style. The place cards, menus and signage were the perfect elegant touch for our vintage Tuscan wedding. — Michelle K.

Stefanie could not have been quicker or more delightful to deal with. She did my order in super fast time and was so lovely every step of the way. The cards were the most beautiful calligraphy I have seen. — Roxane H.

Your letterings are fabulous, beautiful and amazing! — Paula S.

The stationery is just a dream! — Simone L.

Stefanie’s place cards surpassed my expectations! They were beautiful, detailed, elegant and sweet. I love these place cards so much that when I look forward to my wedding in one week, one of the things I think about most frequently is how gorgeous these place cards will look at my table. They will make perfect favors for my guests and their children. — Stephanie H.

The place cards and gift tags are gorgeous!« — Susan K.

Well, in my long life I have received many invitations– and also very beautiful ones – but Stefanie’s is just gorgeous. This card eclipses everything else. Simply great. — Ute H.