Calligraphy Workshops

Top: Flourishing workshop at the Berlin Letters Festival 2019 :: © for photography: Norman Posselt. Below: Materials for various workshops

Learn calligraphy – hands-on

In my workshops I offer a well-founded, intensive basis for learning pointed pen calligraphy. My focus is primarily on teaching you methods and tools to continue practicing independently. My workshops are generally aimed at anyone who enjoys working with script, whether as a hobby or professionally. Especially for absolute beginners, workshops can be the perfect way to get to know the »basics« – some techniques with pen and ink remain a bit cryptic even in good books, I have experienced many an »Aha« moment (by the way, also as a participant in classes of other calligraphers)! In addition to the beginner’s workshops, I also offer project-based or in-depth classes – for example: flourishing, designing with calligraphy, dealing with difficult or more specialized techniques and materials, and so on. I can teach in English or German language. Online classes are planned!

For many people, to work with special and pretty materials is also a motivation to learn calligraphy – I inherited this bottle of iron gall ink from my father, who had a very beautiful handwriting ... © for photography: Lisa Weinstein

Whether classically strict in form or ornamentally playful in exuberance, scribes have developed this script family in a multitude of variations over the centuries. An extremely well-founded overview of the myriad of master scribes’ books can be found on Sybille van Zuylen’s website, Penna Volans.

Some examples of European script styles: above, various German Kurrent scripts of the 16th century by Wolfgang Fugger, on the left, a German version of English Roundhand from the 19th century, and a French Ronde by Paillasson from the 18th century. Studying historical originals is invaluable to me! © for the photography: Janett Kartelmeyer

Here is my modern interpretation of the Kurrent script. Also the handling of different inks, inks, artist colors and »difficult« papers is not neglected in my workshops as well as tips for the development of personal calligraphic variants.

Feedback from Workshop Participants

»When you are taught a script with so much love and dedication, it encourages you to keep at it … « — Annika P., Kalligrafin

»Thank you for an insanely educational workshop!« — Neta H., Illustratorin

»Your workshop was fascinating and very inspiring! I am so happy that I was there and have even practiced yesterday already an hour. You did a beautiful job leading this and I’ll keep my eyes open for more workshops from you.« — Heike L., Architektin und Designerin

»The day itself was never boring or tiring for me. The breaks were timed just right. Even where I arrived home at midnight, I still had a glow on my face.« — Jana B.

The Workshop Modern Calligraphy was great! Lovingly prepared handouts were ready for all participants. You explained everything very clearly and above all showed us practically. Thank you also for the valuable tips on paper, ink and techniques, that makes you want more. It was fun to practice together with other calligraphy enthusiasts. I’ll be happy to participate again in the next workshop.« — Beate L.

»I will definitely be back when you offer a workshop, I enjoyed it very very much. You are a great teacher!!! The excursions were great. The templates for envelopes very interesting, all the effect stuff with the inks, that’s real motivation.« — Dorit M., Senior Interface-Designerin

»Thank you for the wonderful calligraphy class! It was a lot of fun. […] I also ordered paper and ink according to your recommendations! Practicing is very fun and totally relaxes me … wonderful.« — Kathrin W.

»This workshop was top class. In a pleasant atmosphere Stefanie has explained everything well understandable. There was so much information and suggestions, I am very fascinated by this workshop and by the Copperplate. It was fun to practice in the group and I got so much basic understanding to continue practicing on my own.« — Ines