My Book »Spitzfederkalligrafie«

We derived the unusual narrow-height format from the shapes of English Roundhand aka Copperplate, which plays a major role in the book ... © for the photography: Verlag Hermann Schmidt

Writing about English Calligraphy in German

I often was asked in my workshops for good introduction books about pointed pen calligraphy, and for many years there weren’t any in German. So I decided to destill all I had learned over time about English Roundhand (which is the closest to a historically correct term for Copperplate Calligraphy) and its origins in a broad edge script, and about nibs, and about different inks, and so on … With my publisher Hermann Schmidt Verlag I found a wonderful partner in this rather ambitious endeavour – as I wanted to write the book I’d had loved to have when I started learning calligraphy! Please note that currently my »Pointed Pen Calligraphy« is only available in German.

We provide extensive grid and template sheets for you to download for practice. © for the photography: Verlag Hermann Schmidt

Reviews and Feedback from my kind Readers

»I'm flipping through your book right now and I'm absolutely impressed with how comprehensively you teach pointed pen calligraphy. You have written the new standard work on the subject – congratulations!« — Chris Campe, designer and author

»This looks soooo cool! So lovingly and detailed explained and these great photos on the chapter pages!« — Ulrike Rausch, font designer and author

»I am very excited. Finally a book on pointed pen calligraphy with super good step-by-step instructions. ... I've got my work cut out for me over the next few years. Your book has me at my desk every free minute.« — Bärbel T.

»I'm reading it right now and can't put it down! So great what you provide us there! 💚 You really fill a gap. … « — Franziska Jilg, lettering artist

»For a long time I have been looking for a good book for Copperplate ... All my expectations were exceeded with this book. Both the depth and breadth of the subject have been excellently covered by you. The dedication with which you conceived this book project can be felt on every page. ... Chapeau!« — Olga B.

»I have been involved in calligraphy for about 30 years and consider your book the most wonderful in my collection.« — Hardy L.

»For three days I have been dragging the book from room to room to read and look in it everywhere. I own many calligraphy books ... But none is as lovingly and detailed described as yours. So I got my nibs and inks out of the closet and started writing again. And it is fun.« — Jutta S.