Script Styles

Elisabeth Classic :: Very English, traditional, classically elegant; wonderful for longer copy or more formal occasions

Elisabeth Flourished :: Lavishly flourished, festive variant, perfect for single words for example on place cards, or for accentuation on menus, signs, postcards …

Scarlett Classic :: positively American, with bold strokes contrasting finest hairlines, in a moderately flourished version – gorgeous for envelopes, menus, invitations …

Scarlett Light :: A more feminine, lighter variation, because of its airiness beautiful for longer texts as well as for single words

Scarlett Edgy :: Modern, informal, bold version with rough edges

Scarlett Modern :: Another very modern interpretation, with flowing and bouncing lines

Emily Modern :: A true handwriting style with American roots, fluent and graceful, lovely for letters … here in a quite free and modern variation

Julia :: That's how small caps can serve beautifully to structure also a lot of text on limited space (here on a menu)