Press & Media

»The Value of Handwriting« on Arte TV

I had the pleasure of working on a TV film for Arte's Xenius series in spring 2019 – not only calligraphy, but also the preservation of handwriting is very close to my heart! It was also highly interesting for me to learn information about handwriting from a completely different angle, such as from teachers and neurologists. Of course, there are also practical tips from me on handwriting! The film is unfortunately not always available, but is shown from time to time in the link above and is, in my opinion, very worth watching (available in French and German).

Extensive writing exercises with the two moderators :: © for the photography: Janett Kartelmeyer

My calligraphy in the press and online

Over the years, work of mine has been featured, among others, in the U.S. Dasherie Magazine, various lettering and calligraphy books and blogs – and I've been especially pleased with the reviews of my 2019 book published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt in various design and calligraphy magazines!

From top left: Projects of mine in Dasherie Magazine, in Handbuch Handlettering by Chris Campe, in Schöne Post by Tabea Heinicker and Michaela Müller, reviews regarding my book in German design magazine Page and in Kalligrafia

Review in calligraphy magazine Ars Scribendi